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Welcome to The Queens Clinic

London Gynaecology Clinic

We pride ourselves on providing not just the best medical care, but personal attention to every patient and their needs. We are one of the UK’s leading gynaecology clinics, widely renowned for our levels of service and consultation.

Situated on Wimpole Street, Central London, we offer high quality service and advanced, up-to-date knowledge in the areas of gynaecology and obstetrics.

We hope you find the information you need, but if not, feel free to call us on 020 7935 5540. We look forward to meeting you!


"I was given Dianette (a contraceptive pill) 8 months ago and I am more than happy with it. No gaining weight - I think I even lost 2 kgs. My skin cleared up in a month and I have had no changing moods or depression- I'm feeling full of energy! Everything I had read online was false. Thank you Dr Ismail for taking a risk - especially because of my profession."

Model from Slovakia

"Everyone in this clinic is absolutely amazing. Each and every staff member is respectful, professional, efficient, kind and sweet. I always feel comfortable and safe when I come for my appointment."


"Dr Ismail and his staff are fantastic. It can be uncomfortable to discuss the matters you visit for, but the team here make you feel able to speak about your issues in detail which is very important. I would recommend Dr Ismail and his team to everyone."


"I feel like I can trust Dr Ismail. He has helped me in so many ways and his service is brilliant. A number one doctor who I will always be grateful for."


"The most important attribute of a doctor is the confidence that his patients have in him, and I have the utmost confidence in Dr Ismail. Thank you!"


"The service and treatment made a very difficult situation a little bit better for me. Being able to call the doctor really helped calm me and I felt so supported."

New Zealand

"Queen's clinic has lovely staff who are always very helpful and patient! I am extremely grateful for such good attention, care and treatment. Dr Ismail is very professional but also quick and caring with patients. It is a wonderful clinic that I very much recommend!"


"The doctor is very experienced and thinks outside the box. He has a great no-nonsense approach and excellent equipment, so made me feel at ease."


"Dr Ismail is an amazing doctor giving 5 star service: I strongly recommend him to all my friends and family. You are guaranteed to have a very pleasant experience. You can trust him fully to make the best decision for you and make you feel at ease. Thank you so much Dr Ismail for everything!"


"Dr Ismail and the whole team were always very welcoming. I could arrange appointments whenever I wanted, which was a nice surprise. I always felt in very safe hands at Queen's Clinic!"


"I love this clinic because I feel comfortable with my doctor. He supports me all the time, gives me the right treatment and also good advice!"


"I felt very welcome and I was given the highest standard of care. Dr Ismail is one of the nicest doctors we have come across. Very professional. He has helped us a lot!"


"I have been a patient at Queen's Clinic for many years, and have nothing but gratitude and praise. The clinic is open Monday to Saturday - not many clinics work on Saturday- and Dr Ismail may also be available outside office hours for emergencies. They have very modern equipment, even specialist beds for emergency situations. For those like me who use insurance, they can provide package pricing which works better with insurance companies than billing separately."


"I had such great care from Dr Ismail. He always asked if I was comfortable or if I had any questions, and he was very nice and informative. I wish I had found him earlier. I would recommend him without any reservation."


"Dr Ismail has been my doctor for 7 years. He is professional, informative, responsive, and knowledgeable. I couldn't recommend Queen's Clinic highly enough! I'm very happy with his services and the staff at the clinic."


"I came to the clinic feeling insecure, scared and unwell- but after meeting Dr Ahmed and his staff I felt at ease. We discussed my problem and he provided me with the right medication. Now, after almost a year, I have returned feeling young, happy and youthful!"


"I had a warm welcome, the nurses were very nice, and the Doctor was great. Everything was clean and organised."

Saudi Arabia

"I am recommending this clinic with great pleasure, because Dr. Ismail and the rest of the staff are amazing and do everything to make you feel your best. I've been with the clinic for almost a year now. They brought my mom back to her healthy self, and she now has more energy than ever. Don't hesitate to book an appointment if you think you might have a problem or even if you just want to have a beautiful baby. This doctor and clinic will make sure they do the best for you!"


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